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Meet the Principal

Linda Anderson


How long have you been with FUSD? - I started working as a substitute with Fremont Unified in September 1998.


How long have you worked in education? - Since 1998 – Started with Oliveira


What is your background? - Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Management (Alfred University, Alfred, New York), Masters of Education  in Cross-Cultural Education (National University), Administrative Credential (Cal State East Bay), Certificate of Completion from Teacher's College, Columbia University (Readers and Writers Workshop), PTA President at the Elementary, Junior High and High School Level, Day Care Provider for 9 years, Taught 3rd-6th grade (1999-2008), Math Coach for 1 year, Service Learning Coordinator with FUSD for 2 years, Character Education Trainer for Alameda County Office of Education, Principal at Oliveira from 2009- 2014, Director of Curriculum and Instruction (Opened a new Department in Fremont Unified) 2014-2018.


What will you bring to your school? - With my past experience, I bring a wide lens on doing what is right for every learner that walks on the Oliveira campus.  My travels through education have allowed me to see the value of working as a TEAM. I’ve had extensive training, not only in the area of academics, but in creating a climate with Character. The passion I have for understanding the “Why” is contagious.


What is your educational philosophy? - “Every Child is gifted. They just unwrap their packages at different times.” I believe in educating the whole child and helping every student find their voice so they take control of their learning.  I also want students to understand that mistakes are going to be made in life. It is what we do next that matters. Giving students the tools they need to keep moving forward and being prepared for the next chapter of their educational journey is a goal we all should have.


What can students/families expect this year? - The theme for Oliveira this year is “Be The Inspiration.”  This goes out to all involved in educating and inspiring the children on the Oliveira campus.  Again, this is a TEAM effort, students, teachers, parents and community will all be working together to inspire each other.