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Library Policies

2018-2019 School Year


We at Oliveira Elementary believe that reading is the key to vocabulary development and full literacy. Our programs this year will include motivating all our students to read and enjoy literature. We hope you can join our parent volunteers as we support our children in this effort. Watch for more information in our newsletters.

Your student will soon be visiting our school library with his/her class.  Your child will be checking out books weekly.  Books are checked out for 1 week at a time and returned or renewed during regular class library time.  (We hope we can have students borrow 2-3 books at a time.)

You can help your student by:

  • Finding a good place in your home to read. Good lighting and comfortable surroundings are important considerations.
  • Helping your student find a safe place (out of reach of little brothers and sisters or pets) for the library book(s).
  • Enjoying books with your child. Encourage your child to read parts of the story to you and discuss the story together.
  • Helping your child during oral reading with proper names and uncommon words.
  • Reading for your own enjoyment, setting an example for your children.
  • Encouraging your child to follow library rules. Rules are posted in the library.

It is the responsibility of each student and his/her family to pay the replacement cost of any lost or damaged (beyond repair) books or the repair cost of damage in excess of normal wear-and-tear.  Send any books that are accidentally damaged to the school librarian for repair. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MEND LIBRARY BOOKS WITH TAPE OR MATERIALS FROM HOME. Our Library Media Technician has special materials for this purpose.

REPLACEMENT COSTS: Paperback books $15 / Hardcover books $30

I look forward to reading with your students throughout the school year.


With respect,

Susan Griffin

Oliveira Library Media Technician

(510) 797-1135